(re) colección de cachivaches

by: eugenia sucre / 2006 – 2011

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3b. IVAN CAZZOLA: “With his shots he has explored different worlds, from the closer and autobiographical reality of friend’s shots to models, artists, rock bands, cinema stars, gipsys and gangastars, posh ladyes, whores and transexuals. The leitmotif of so different experiences is his personal eye through the lens that could be sometimes intimal, sometimes insolent, but always original, ironic and provocating.” LINK

Picture 1. MAX ABADIAN: “A prestigious fashion and advertising photographer, he raises interest on an international scale. Max has an irresistible way of creating a captivating atmosphere. He seduces the eye with the unequivocal beauty of his work.” LINK

Picture 2. ANNA WOLF: “Anna Wolf loves the sun and warm weather. After a year long stint living in Mexico City, learning spanish and taking pictures, she now resides in New York. Shooting for a variety of advertising and editorial clients, she also makes personal work and ongoing projects.” LINK

Picture 6.BRIAN ULRICH: “Over the past 7 years I have been engaged with a long-term photographic examination of the peculiarities and complexities of the consumer-dominated culture in which we live.” LINK

(this section is oficially yours AK jaja! Thanks!)


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