(re) colección de cachivaches

by: eugenia sucre / 2006 – 2011

Venezuela at The Armory Show, NY.

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“Viewers were pulled into this booth by Alessandro Balteo Yazbeck and Media Farzin’s wall text work installed on an outer wall. The Joseph Kosuth-like piece focused on an art-historical moment—a FDR 1939 statement about art in America and its socio-political ramifications. Much of the rest of the booth was given over to prime examples of Latin American constructivism, including works by Gego, Jesus Rafael Soto, and included one of Margarita’s Paksa’s Plexiglas cube sculptures, Silencio (1962), which pre-date similar and far better-known works by Larry Bell. Also of considerable interest here was a large photo of Andy Warhol and Marta Minujín seated above a big pile of corn on the cob. The shot was taken while the two were participating in one of Minujín’s 1985 performances, Payment of the Argentine Foreign Debt to Andy Warhol with Corn, the Gold of Latin America…” read more


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March 23, 2010 at 12:23 am

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